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From Icefield to Ocean: 4-page publication and poster

Icefield to EstuariesIcefield to Ocean Poster

These publications describe glacier dynamics and ecology, the role that glaciers play in ocean processes, and the impacts of climate change on this dominant feature of Alaska's coastal ecosystems. They are products of the March 2013 Juneau Glacier Workshop, an interdisciplinary effort to establish a better understanding of the icefield to ocean system and identify key research and management questions to address in the future. Click on the pictures to download these products (please be patient with the poster file - it's very large). For further information, please see our article in the journal BioScience.

Map of the north Pacific coastal temperate rainforestEcoregions Map of the PCTR

The adjacent map is of the north Pacific coastal temperate rainforest (PCTR), from northern Washington to the Kenai Peninsula.  The three ecoregions that compose the PCTR are shown in different shades of green (please see the key).  We hope that the map will serve as a reference tool for students, educators, and researchers.  Therefore we have provided a full size version, so anyone can download and print a copy.  Just click on the map to view or download the full size version.


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