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From Icefield to Ocean: 4-page publication and poster

Icefield to EstuariesIcefield to Ocean Poster

These publications describe glacier dynamics and ecology, the role that glaciers play in ocean processes, and the impacts of climate change on this dominant feature of Alaska's coastal ecosystems. They are products of the March 2013 Juneau Glacier Workshop, an interdisciplinary effort to establish a better understanding of the icefield to ocean system and identify key research and management questions to address in the future. Click on the pictures to download these products (please be patient with the poster file - it's very large). For further information, please see our article in the journal BioScience.

Coastal Temperate Rainforests: General Information Handouts


Coastal Temperate Rainforests of the World
Coastal temperate rainforests (CTRFs) are characterized by cool summers, mild winters, and abundant precipitation distributed throughout the year. CTRF's represent only 2% of the world's forests, but provide critical habitat for many unique species.


Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest of North America
Extending 2,500 miles in a narrow coastal corridor from the far edge of Prince William Sound in southcentral Alaska, along coastal British Columbia, through Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, and to northern California, the Pacific coastal temperate rainforest of North America represents the largest area of coastal temperate rainforest in the world.


Ecosystem Services of the Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest of North America
The Pacific coastal temperate rainforest of North America provides a wide range of goods and services that are vital to human health and livelihood. Collectively, these services can be grouped into four categories: provisioning, regulating, supporting, and cultural services.

Map of the north Pacific coastal temperate rainforestEcoregions Map of the PCTR

The adjacent map is of the north Pacific coastal temperate rainforest (PCTR), from northern Washington to the Kenai Peninsula.  The three ecoregions that compose the PCTR are shown in different shades of green (please see the key).  We hope that the map will serve as a reference tool for students, educators, and researchers.  Therefore we have provided a full size version, so anyone can download and print a copy.  Just click on the map to view or download the full size version.

NPTR BookNew Book "North Pacific Temperate Rainforests - Ecology and Conservation"

The North Pacific temperate rainforest, stretches from southern Alaska's Cook Inlet to northern California, and is the largest temperate rainforest on earth. This book focuses on the area of coastal temperate rainforest that spans between northern British Columbia and southeastern Alaska. North Pacific Temperate Rainforests was edited by Gordon Orians and John Schoen with contributions from several ACRC partners collaborating on the content of this book, including Andy MacKinnon, Sari Saunders, Dave D'Amore, and Rick Edwards.

An overview of North Pacific Temperate Rainforests was provided by the University of Washington Press: "This region encompasses thousands of islands and millions of acres of relatively pristine rainforest, providing an opportunity to compare the ecological functioning of a largely intact forest ecosystem with the highly modified ecosystems that typify most of the world's temperate zone. The book examines the basic processes that drive the dynamic behavior of such ecosystems and considers how managers can use that knowledge to sustainably manage the rainforest and balance ecosystem integrity with human use. Together, the contributors offer a broad understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by scientists, managers, and conservationists in the northern portion of the North Pacific rainforest that will be of interest to conservation practitioners seeking to balance economic sustainability and biodiversity conservation across the globe."

Symposium 2012:

Coastal Temperate Rainforests:

Integrating Science, Resource Management, and Communities

On April 17-19 2012, over 50 speakers from throughout the United States and Canada ranging from academics at leading universities, researchers and directors from state and federal agencies, resource managers, policymakers, traditional knowledge bearers, and educators came together in Juneau, Alaska, to discuss, share, and explore the coastal temperate rainforest. The presentations and discussions were directly linked with projects currently underway in ecosystem management, land planning, forest management, recreation and wilderness resources, fisheries management, trans-boundary data integration and policy decision making, conservation, climate change, and education.The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center would like to thank all sponsors, speakers and participants for making the symposium a success!

View Symposium Program View Symposium Participants

Watch the symposium:

The hyperlinks below will load specific presentations from the ACRC 2012 Symposium YouTube Playlist.

April 17, 2012:  Keynote, Peter Kareiva

April 18, 2012:  Keynote, Kirk Johnson

April 18, 2012:  International Plenary

 Dominick DellaSala, Gordon Orians, Paul Alaback, Ken Lertzman

April 18, 2012:  Keynote, Terry Chapin

April 18, 2012:  Climate Effects Session

 Nick Bond, Roman Motyka, Paul Hennon, Phil Mundy

April 18, 2012:  Adaptations and Mitigation Session

  Stephen Gray, David D'Amore, Jessi Kershner, Dominick DellaSala,

  Dan Siemann, Allison Bidlack

April 19, 2012:  Keynotes, Elaine Abraham and Gordon Orians

April 19, 2012:  Ecosystem Services Session

 Trista Patterson, Colin Beier, David Saah, Steve Colt,

 Marc Conte, Sarah Klain

April 19, 2012:  Transboundary Session

 Steve Langdon, Rick Edwards, Gretchen Harrington, Jim Chu,

 Ken Lertzman, John Mankowski

April 19, 2012:  Keynote, Dolly Garza

April 19, 2012:  Public Policy Session

 Martin Nie, George Hoberg, Panel Discussion

April 19, 2012:  Education Session

 Central Council Environmental Youth Leadership TeamPete Griffin

 Pamela Garcia, Clay GoodFaith Duncan, Dave Cleaves

Media Stories

Below are links to media articles regarding research in the north Pacific temperate rainforest region. In order to view the link, you may be required to sign in or subscribe to the media provider.

28 March 2014 Juneau Empire - More Rain, Less Snow - ACRC's Transboundary Work

7 February 2014 Juneau Empire - Ancient Carbon Found in Glacial Ecosystems

10 January 2014 Juneau Empire - Discovering an Ancient Southeast Alaska

13 December 2013 Juneau Empire - Authors Record "Voices of Glacier Bay"


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