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From the Field

The murky waters of safe shellfish harvesting

Alaskans love shellfish. From butter clams to razor clams to geoducks (pronounced gooey-ducks), shellfish are a delicious treat and an important subsistence item for Native communities. People have been harvesting shellfish here for thousands of years. At some sites in British Columbia, archaeologists have found clam beds constructed over 1,000 years ago[1].

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Shellfish Clod Cards

Waiting for rain in the temperate rainforest

I am not a morning person, and pouring rain isn’t usually the type of weather that makes me want to jump out of bed quickly. But at the end of last summer, I found myself on several dark and rainy 4 A.M. drives, groggily gulping coffee as I headed for my field sites in the Fish Creek watershed on the north end of Douglas Island.

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Behnke Tree Sampling