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Land Ecosystems

The north Pacific coastal temperate rainforest is the largest remaining temperate rainforest in the world, in places spanning from icefields to coastal estuaries and fjords. The wetlands, forested uplands, and alpine environments of the NPCTR are an economically and culturally important lumber source and a globally significant carbon sink.

Mountain Goats and Avalanches

ACRC researchers and collaborators are exploring the relationship between snow avalanches and mountain goat population ecology in coastal Alaska.

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Yellow Cedar

ACRC is investigating the ecological effects of yellow-cedar decline, and the market potential of dead tree stands to provide needed economic opportunities to local timber mills.

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Yellow Cedar Stand

Alpine Monitoring

ACRC installed the first long-term alpine vegetation monitoring station in Southeast Alaska as part of the Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments.

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Héen Latinee

The Héen Latinee experimental forest is 12,000 hectares of land north of Juneau that serves as a natural laboratory, encompassing two watersheds from their glaciated headwaters to a tidal estuary.

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