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The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center builds partnerships and catalyzes collaborative ecological, economic, and social research in the north Pacific coastal temperate rainforest to support vibrant and resilient communities and ecosystems.

At the nexus of an immense icefield, the sea, and the Coast Mountain range, the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center is positioned in an incredible natural laboratory to study the connections between land, sea, and society.

ACRC is a research center at the University of Alaska Southeast focusing on the north Pacific coastal temperate rainforest. We're housed in the Pacific Northwest Research Station's Juneau Forestry Sciences Lab, adjacent to the UAS Juneau campus.

ACRC was established in 2009 to strengthen collaborations between the University of Alaska Southeast, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, and the US Forest Service Alaska Region. Today, ACRC has an active network of researchers, staff, and early career scientists that are working to advance coastal margin ecosystem ecology and climate change research.

Meet the ACRC team.

The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center...

Thrives on interdisciplinary research.

Our network of scientists collaborates across ecological, social, and political boundaries to answer wide-ranging questions about ecosystem function, climate adaptation, and resource management for coastal communities.

Supports and inspires young scientists.

Through our unique agency-university partnership, we provide research and training opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral scholars to learn and work in one of the most diverse and fascinating ecoregions in the world.

Makes connections from land to sea.

Water, carbon, and nutrients move between marine and terrestrial ecosystems in the north Pacific coastal temperate rainforest at astounding rates. We study those interactions and the impact of a warming climate on ecosystems and sustainable economies in Southeast Alaska.

Creates actionable science products.

By working with communities, resource managers, tribal organizations, and NGOs, we create usable science products that aid in decision making around resource management, climate adaptation, and infrastructure.

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