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ACRC work in the New York Times

ACRC work highlighted in a New York Times article on glacial retreat

ACRC director Allison Bidlack, alongside USFS collaborators Ryan Bellmore and Adelaide Johnson, was featured in an interactive New York Times article on the disappearance of glaciers from the Pacific Northwest.

Reporter Henry Fountain and photographer Maz Whittaker visited Juneau in fall 2018 to learn about some of the impacts of Southeast Alaska's rapidly melting glaciers. In addition to research across the west coast, the article described work lead by Bellmore, Bidlack, Jason Fellman, and Eran Hood on how salmon habitat may be affected by glacial retreat. Bellmore is looking at the distinctions in food webs across glacial and non-glacial streams, which can tell us what unique aquatic communities might be in danger as glacial meltwater streams begin to look more like rainfall or snowmelt streams. 

Read "When the Glaciers Disappear, Those Species Will Go Extinct," to see the feature and visit the salmon food web project page to learn more about the work.