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Support research for the future of Southeast Alaska’s coastal communities

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The UAS Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center links land, sea, and society through integrative coastal research. We study the impact of a warming climate on ecosystems, lifeways, and sustainable economies in Southeast Alaska, bringing needed resources to coastal communities adapting to climate change.

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By donating to the ACRC fund, you help us:

  • Educate and inspire young scientists through opportunities for student scholars to learn and work in one of the most diverse and fascinating ecoregions in the world.
  • Understand ecosystem processes that affect Alaskans in our coastal rainforest home, including modeling and predicting the future of glacial outburst floods, changing habitat conditions for salmon, and harmful algal blooms impacting food security.
  • Support ecosystem resilience and human well-being through interdisciplinary research and innovative stewardship approaches in our coastal forest homeland.

Two people carrying a cooler on top of a glacier on a sunny day