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We thank the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) for its support in bringing this vital information on climate change to the Juneau community and to others. Thanks especially to all the co-authors and other contributors. The inclusion of such a diverse array of material, including local knowledge, was made possible by the many elders, scientists, and local experts who contributed their time and expertise. The report is online at It is an honor to be the lead editor and project manager for this critical effort. We have a chance to save our world from the most extreme effects of climate change. Let us take it.

Gunalchéesh, sincerely,
James E. Powell, PhD, Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center, UAS

This work was supported by The Department of the Interior Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center, which is managed by the USGS National Climate Adaptation Science Center.

Suggested citation

Powell, J., M. Tankersley, T. Ainsworth, J. Amundson, B. Armstrong, B. Botelho, R. Carstensen, R. Edwards, D. D’Amore, R. Foy, A. Jacobs, K. Koester, L. Kruger, A. Mesdag, K. Maier, D. Mitchell, S. Nagorski, H. Pearson, A. Romanoff, D. Sndyer, R. Thoman, T.Thornton, P. Wilcox. (2022) “Juneau’s Changing Environment and Community Response” July, 2022. Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center.  Website:


Project Coordinator and lead editor
Jim Powell

Editing, layout, and online version
Molly Tankersley

Tom Ainsworth
Jason Amundson
Bob Armstrong
Bruce Botelho
Richard Carstensen
Dave D’Amore
Robert Foy
Eran Hood
Aaron Jacobs
Katie Koester
Linda Kruger
Kevin Maier
Alec Mesdag
Duff Mitchell
Sonia Nagorski
Raymond Paddock
Heidi Pearson
Andy Romonoff
Darren Sndyer
Rick Thoman
Thomas F. Thornton
Peggy Wilcox