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Resource Management

The ACRC's resource management research focuses on sustainable practices for utilizing and conserving Southeast Alaska's natural resources. We study the impacts of human activities and climate change on ecosystems, assess the health of fish and wildlife populations, and develop strategies to ensure the long-term viability of these resources.

Wild Harvest

Using community-level subsistence harvest data from rural Southeast Alaska, ACRC affiliates are assessing how Forest Service managed lands contribute to wild foods systems and how resilient these systems are to future change.

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Shellfish Toxicity

ACRC is working with tribal partners to understand the drivers of the harmful algal blooms that result in paralytic shellfish toxin events.

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Shellfish Sampling Auke Rec

Kelp Valuation

ACRC researcher Tom Thornton is part of a five year effort to understand the cultural, social, and economic value of kelp and seaweeds in the South Coast region of Alaska.

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Salmon Valuation

ACRC researchers and collaborators are working to quantify the number of “forest fish” originating from Alaska’s Chugach and Tongass National Forests in the last decade.

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Coho Underwater