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Glaciology and Hydrology

The ACRC's glaciology and hydrology research explores the dynamic processes of glaciers, snowpack, and water flow in Southeast Alaska's unique landscape. We analyze glacial retreat, outburst floods, and watershed hydrology to understand their effects on regional ecosystems and water resources.

Glacial Landscapes

ACRC is part of a 5-year regional effort to study the impacts of glacier runoff on nearshore marine ecosystems.

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Glacial Outburst Floods

ACRC supports ongoing work in Suicide Basin near Juneau to develop new methods to understand and predict glacial outburst floods.

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Suicide Basin

Glacial Outflow Sampling

ACRC researchers are sampling the glacial outflow stream during large storms and the Mendenhall outburst flood to better understand how climate change and extreme events are impacting coastal watersheds.

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Stream Chemistry

Monthly stream water monitoring provides needed data on water quality, stream chemistry, and streamflow that inform food web research, glacial influence studies, and resource management.

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Montana C

Yakutat Stream Assessment

UAS researchers are working with local community members in Yakutat, Alaska, to investigate the relationship between landscape characteristics and stream temperatures using drone imagery and a network of temperature sensors across different aquatic habitats in the Situk River watershed.

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